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1. What are Affiliate Links?
Affiliate links are special URLs that contain a unique tracking code. When you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase, we may receive a commission or other compensation from the affiliate program.

2. How Affiliate Links Work:
When you click on an affiliate link on FitSpresso Critique and make a purchase, the affiliate program tracks that transaction and attributes it to our website. This allows us to earn a commission or other compensation for referring you to the merchant’s website.

3. Our Commitment to Transparency:
We believe in transparency and want to be upfront about our affiliate relationships. Whenever we include an affiliate link in our content, we will disclose it clearly and conspicuously, usually with a statement such as “This post contains affiliate links” or similar.

4. No Extra Cost to You:
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5. Impact on Content:
Our affiliate relationships do not influence the content, topics, or reviews published on FitSpresso Critique. We always strive to provide honest, unbiased information and recommendations to our readers, regardless of any potential affiliate partnerships.

6. Affiliate Programs We Participate In:
FitSpresso Critique participates in various affiliate programs, including but not limited to Amazon Associates, ShareASale, and Commission Junction. These programs allow us to earn commissions by linking to products and services that we believe may be of interest to our readers.

7. Your Support:
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8. Questions or Concerns:
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